How to Enable Auto-Confirm Unlock in Android 14?

How to Enable Auto-Confirm Unlock in Android 14?

How to Enable Auto-Confirm Unlock in Android 14?

The process of unlocking an Android device is a common issue; however, the launch of Android 14 with a brand-new feature known as Auto-Confirm Unlock is expected to make the process easier. This article will provide the steps required to enable Auto-Confirm Lock on your Android 14 smartphone. There’s no need to verify the unlocking action, which makes your smartphone’s experience easier and more user-friendly.

What is Auto-Confirm Unlock?

Android 14 comes with a new feature called Auto-Confirm Unlock. This feature makes it unnecessary for users to verify the unlocking process, thus reducing the number of steps required to access their phone. With Auto-Confirm Unlock, you can swipe or use your fingerprint or facial recognition to unlock your phone.

Enabling Auto-Confirm Unlock – Step by Step

Let’s begin activating Auto-Confirm Lock on your Android 14 smartphone. Follow these steps to get the most benefit from this unique feature:

Step 1: Access Your Device Settings

Start by unlocking your device with your currently used PIN or password. Once you’re on the home screen, swipe left to open the notification panel. Next, tap on the gear icon to access your device’s settings.

Step 2: Navigate to “Security & Privacy”

Go to the bottom of the menu and select the “Security & Privacy”.” option. There, you will find a range of security settings on your Android 14 phone.

Step 3: Tap on “Unlock Method”

Within the “Security & Privacy” section, look for and click”Security & Privacy” and then tap the “Unlock Method” option. You can modify and manage the settings for unlocking your device.

Step 4: Enable Auto-Confirm Unlock

You will find the option to auto-confirm unlock. Turn the switch on to enable this option. It may prompt you to confirm your choice to ensure security.

Step 5: Confirm Your Identity

Based on the device you use, you will need to verify your identity by using your fingerprint, facial recognition, or other method compatible with your Android 14 smartphone.

Step 6: Test Auto-Confirm Unlock

If you’ve enabled Auto-Confirmed Unlock, try locking your device and then unlocking it using the chosen method. The confirmation step has been eliminated, which makes opening faster and smoother.

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Advantages of Auto-Confirm Unlock


Auto-Confirm Unlock improves the ease of unlocking your phone. It is unnecessary to do it manually, making it faster and simpler.

Improved Security

Android 14 maintains security through facial or fingerprint recognition, even simplified unlocking. This will ensure that your device is secure.


Auto-Confirm Unlock saves valuable seconds every time you connect to your device. Over time, these moments can add up to an impressive time-saving.


You can modify the Auto-Confirm Lock feature to meet your needs. No matter if you prefer fingerprint or facial recognition, Android 14 offers versatility.


In the end, the Auto-Confirm Unlock feature of Android 14 can be a game changer in terms of security and ease of use. It’s only two steps, and you’ll be able to reap the benefits each moment you lock your phone.

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