Make Your Custom Handle Boxes Appealing With Catchy Coatings

Make Your Custom Handle Boxes Appealing With Catchy Coatings

Make Your Custom Handle Boxes Appealing With Catchy Coatings


Custom handle boxes are widely used for the packaging of small to medium-sized products. To enhance the appealing look of the boxes you can use different types of coatings and finishing. Both the coatings and finishings give extra protection to the box material and printing.


Most of the time people mix coatings with finishings, but they are two different things. Coatings are used before the printing process at the very start of box manufacturing, while finishings are used after the printings and can be called post-printing coatings. In today’s blog, we will discuss what different types of coatings and finishes can be used on box with handle.



Coatings are used at the beginning of the box manufacturing process to make the box material free from any kind of damage such as scuffing and scratches. Coatings make the material smooth so that the printing process can be done easily and without any errors. Moreover, if you want to give your custom handle boxes a professional look then coatings are inevitable. Coatings are of three types:

1.   Matt Coating For A Subtle Look


When a subtle look is the priority of your brand then you must use matt coatings. Matt coatings give a pleasant and professional sheen to the graphics making them smooth and catchy. The small details of the images can be made striking with the help of matt coatings. The additional benefit of matt for custom boxes with handles is that it is resistant to fingerprints.

2.   Gloss Coating For A Reflective Shine


If you want the designs on your boxes to pop out and give a reflective shine then nothing can be a more appropriate option than the use of gloss coatings. Gloss coating makes the images more pronounced so that the message you want to convey to the customers is reached appropriately. However, the problem with gloss coating is that it is not resistant to fingerprints.


3.   Satin Coatings To Get The Combination Of Matt And Gloss


Sometimes brands want not too glossy and not too matt look for their boxes. For such brands, the packaging companies provide satin coatings. This coating is a combination of gloss and matt so gives the desired and balanced look to the boxes.



A Handle box, tuck-end box, mailer box, or flip top box at wholesale, all need post-printing coating aka finishings to keep the printed designs located on the boxes. Like coatings, finishings have a lot of types too.

1.   Varnish


Varnish is a suitable type of fishing that gives the boxes a unique and catchy look by sealing the printed inks and hence the designs on the boxes. It has two sub types gloss and matt. Gloss varnish gives high-quality image contracts along with perfect shades of the colors but it slightly affects the text readability.


On the other hand matt finishing gives a non-reflective surface with high-quality images and it also does not affect the readability of the text. In the same way, if you want a combination of gloss and matt then you can use satin finishings on the handle box.

2.   Lamination


Lamination is not a sustainable option but it gives high-end protection to the box material and printing. In lamination, a thin layer of polypropylene is applied on the surface that locks the printings. Like varnishes, lamination can also be availed in gloss and matt.

3.   UV


In this finishing liquid is rolled over the surface of the printed material with the help of a roller, blanket, or screen. To polymerize the liquid UV light is used. This finishing is available in a variety of thicknesses and reflectivity, both of which depend upon the type and duration of UV light.

4.   Aqueous


The fourth type of finishing is aqueous which is one of the easiest, cleanest, and fastest methods of fishing. Aqueous finishing dry easily which is why used when quick results are required. As the name of the coating indicates, it is water-based so can be considered an environmentally friendly option. It is also available in the form of matt, gloss, and satin.

Is It Important To Use Coatings And Finishing On Handle Boxes?


Coatings and finishing both are a crucial part of the packaging process. If you do not apply coding on the boxes then you can never print on the boxes because for printing a specific type of surface is required that is provided with the hell of coatings.


On the other hand, finishings are crucial if you want to keep the design on the boxes long-lasting. Without finishings, your printed design and typography both will become liable to moisture or even can be removed just by holding them. Finishing locks the prints and makes them everlasting.

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Wrapping Up The Blog


Design your custom handle boxes with different types of coatings and make them peerless in look. Post and pre-printing coating both make the overall look of the packaging professional and make your product more appealing.


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