The World of Graphics: Inspiration You Can Find Behind These Video Games

The World of Graphics: Inspiration You Can Find Behind These Video Games

The World of Graphics: Inspiration You Can Find Behind These Video Games

The World of Graphics: Inspiration You Can Find Behind These Video Games

The video games market is the latest trend, particularly among Gen-Z and millennials who were raised with the latest technology and social networks along with the Internet. They’re a great way to relax and, quite clearly, very well-known. There are more than 3 billion gamers playing video games across the globe. However, do those who love these games know the roots that brought the games into existence?

Since the world has an extensive background, there are many years of ideas for game designers to draw inspiration from, particularly music, art, and culture. The colorful and combative worlds are usually loosely inspired by poems, classics, or historical incidents.

This article examines four video games that are influenced by art or culture. They also include bizarre things.

Among Us, Inspired By Poker

The first game that should be considered could be Among Us, whose core idea was derived from the card game Mafia, which features the in-depth functioning of a card game. Since its release in 2018, Among Us has become a popular action-adventure multiplayer series.

To win in this game, you must be able to bluff, similar to poker. This game is a nebulous and intriguing strategy. A lot of people are playing online and are conscious of the poker strategy for online players that provides all the crucial tips for being an expert player, including the art of lying; everyone knows that the most important rule to follow when playing bluffing is never to speak more than you are required to.

The reality is that this game happens when played online, and no one is peering at the other players’ eyes to judge the truth of their lies, which can make bluffing a little easier. But you still have to be savvy. However, you must be able to stay alive. Imposters, for example, need to appear to be members of the crew and perform a great job of pretending to be repairing tasks until they’re able to destroy the ship and kill crew members.

There are many strategies fakes can employ to fool the public and pretend to be crew members while still performing fake tasks. One method to stay out of the spotlight when you kill a fellow crew member is to leap into a vent, then use the venting method to move into another room, and then repeat the whole prank to repeat the charade. If you don’t play bluffs, the game gets boring and impossible to beat.

In the same way, you should play the Among Us game by staying engaged and joining other players to accuse fellow crew members of being fakes at gatherings. Avoiding attention by being silent is a dangerous move. The aim is to remain alert and not draw attention.

Another strategy to play the game of bluffing is to schedule emergency meetings. There’s no reason for someone who is not authentic to press the emergency button to announce dead bodies or even accuse their team members, and this can dispel doubts. Ultimately, imposters should be confident in bluffing because that’s the most lucrative way of playing the game.


Next up is Pikmin. It was released in 2001. Pikmin is most well-known for its family-friendly, fun, and full of hilarious characters. Incredibly, insects are the main influence of the work of Shigeru Miyamoto’s Pikmin. Yes, they are the insects!

Shigeru was fascinated by the way ants move along a trail. They were motivated to design the game that plants-like creatures (Pikmin) must move together in a herd toward the same objective. The Pikmin video series released by Nintendo comprises seven games: Pikmin, Pikmin 2, Pikmin 3, Pikmin 4, Hey! Pikmin and Pikmin Bloom.

Concerning the design, Pikmin takes cues from cinema, such as works by Tim Burton. But, it is true that Shigeru Mishimoto, the lead designer on the show – pointed to an ant marching line as his initial inspiration.

Shadow Complex

Shadow Complex is an action-adventure Metroidvania video game developed in the 2.5D fashion. In the 2016 version, which has been remastered, you take on the role of Jason Flemming, whose girlfriend Claire is snatched as an operative.

Naturally, James Flemming makes it his objective to find Claire. As he does, James Flemming uncovers the dark motives of the kidnappers. The show is heavily influenced by Orson Scott Card’s dark novel Empire.

Shadow Complex uses the same weapons and equipment used to fight in The Restoration in the Empire Book. While the main character, Jason, is not believed to be featured in the novel, some events, groups, and scheming components are consistent with the story. The video game released in 2009 has been highly praised for its crisp and clean graphics, speed, and fluidity, along with its Metroidvania gaming platform.

Payday: The Heist

In Payday, a team of crooks who are tough executes an array of thefts. It follows the traditional premise of video games – lots of shots, murder, and criminals to keep you interested.

In an interview with Digital Spy, Simon Vilkund (sound creator of Payday: The Heist) spoke about his 1995 film Heat and the 1997 American Action movie Die Hard as major factors in developing this game.

Heat tells the story of McCauley, who is looking to retire after completing one final heist but is constantly stopped by Detective Hanna. In contrast, Die Hard is an R-rated film that stars Bruce Willis as John McClane, the man who tries to help his wife and other people from an attack by terrorists at a holiday party.

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Final Thoughts

It is normal for films to feature an adaptation of a video game. However, these aren’t the only things video games draw inspiration from. Every aspect, from historical events to space travel and cultural events, is a source of inspiration for game designers. Game developers with experience often take these ideas to create the exciting and immersive alternate worlds that gamers love.

The next time you are seated to play the latest video game, learn what inspired the creators.

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